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Aylin Kocaman





My name is Aylin Kocaman. I live in Istanbul/Turkey, studied at Ankara University and Istanbul University. I have been working as a commentator on A9 TV for some considerable time. At the same time, I have contributed to various overseas television and radio channels as a peace activist, political and current affairs analyst and TV commentator. On my daily live shows I analyze current, political, historical, religious, social and sociopolitical affairs, and also comment on subjects involving biology, physics, chemistry, genetics and microbiology. In addition to our daily live programs, four of my colleagues and I produce an English-language program called Building Bridges on A9 TV in association with the American WTPN and together with its founder. On our Building Bridges programs we host well-known politicians, writers, academics, musicians, TV analysts, journalists, columnists, artists etc. from different countries. My day-to-day Turkish and English-language chats, articles, videos and commentaries can be accessed on this blog. I shall continue to strive for world peace, and for people to live in a spirit of brotherhood and realize that Islam is a faith of peace and love.


Aylin Kocaman


 Comments on the latest corruption probes in Turkey's agenda Dec 26, 2013

Comments on Turkey and Turkish government after corruption probes


Aylin Kocaman and Ambassador Hani Khalaf are commenting
on Turkey-Egypt relations after ambassador crisis





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WTPN A9 Building Bridges what is taquiyyah? What do Muslims think of non-Muslims?     ...


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